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Inner Strength is a Counselling Therapy service specialising in working with Teenagers & Parents. 
121 Online sessions      &       Group courses
As a parent, I know you want the best for your child. You have loved and supported them for well over 10 years and all you want is for them to be the best person they can be and hope they get to achieve all of their wishes and dreams in life.

As your child enters the teen years it can feel like your losing them... like they are falling through your fingers like sand.  However, your relationship is changing it can feel physically HEARTBREAKING.
So when the world comes and throws in a left-field issue that rocks your teen, you can be forgiven for wondering what you did in a previous life to deserve this....  Watching your teen in pain or struggling is tough, then coming to the realisation that YOU CANT FIX THIS FOR THEM. That is the crusher!
You know you want to help them, you have spent hours on google finding ways. But nothing works or your teen continues to shut you out. It sucks, doesn't it!

Counselling could be your answer 

Allowing your teen to attend counselling can give them the time and space to work through what's going on in their head.  We all know talking can help, but why risk your teen doing this with an untrained friend who has their own issues. Ensure they do it with someone trained, someone specialised with Teens.

For you this is scary, handing your child to a stranger is scary. Many parents avoid it as they feel it must mean they are a failure.
But I ask you to see this from your teen's shoes... you're saying I trust you can do this, WOW... What a message to give your teen. You get the security of knowing your teen is in safe, experienced hands and your teen feels and sees you as the one who is making this all possible.
This takes strength!    Inner Strength.... see what I did there! : )

We help overwhelmed teens achieve self-awareness and understanding, without the fear of messing up or being judged so that they can feel

Lending a Helping Hand
But there is an easy way that you can help your teen. Your teen will feel that you care, understand, get it and not only that ... that you trust them to have the strength required to solve this themselves. 
You can show you have heard them, believe them and are the parent they need, who empowers them to learn & fix their issues.
Giving them that all-important independence that teens want and you know deep down they need. 
You need to stop being the hero, you are too close, your teen wants your approval... not solutions.
Happy Teens

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